Looking to improve your running form? Now's your chance!


You'll have your running form reviewed by Vlad and the team, and receive an assessment

together with modifications, drills and exercises that will allow you to become a more efficient runner.


Simply provide us with a video of you running and we will organise a Zoom to go through it with you.


From first time runner through to seasoned pro, this is your opportunity to have your running form reviewed by professionals.

We know how important correct running form is, which is why we've made this a simple 3 step process.

  • Send Us An Email

    After making your purchase, send a video of you running to the email address we provide to you in the confirmation email.

  • We'll Review It

    We'll take a look at your form, and provide recommendations and modifications for you.

  • Zoom Session

    We'll organize a Zoom together to go through your analysis.

  • That's It!

    You've got professional advice and recommendations in 3 steps!

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