Whilst training for a race will prepare you physically. You and your crew need to be prepared, physically and mentally for race week and race day.


This Race Plan ensures you won't have any worries when you're on the start line.


You'll be a step ahead of your competition knowing everything has been taken care of weeks in advance.


From first time runner through to seasoned pro, this is your opportunity to prepare a plan that will improve your

confidence ahead of and on the day, calm your pre-race nerves and allow you to run the race you want.


Get a personalised Race Plan designed by Pro Trail Runner head coach - Vlad Shatrov.

You'll receive a tried and tested race plan template that I personally use, as well as a set of instructional videos that walks you through completing your unique Race Plan for your chosen A Race.  Fill it out yourself and we'll review it together 1-on-1 at the end. 

  • Goal Setting

    Identify your goals and understand the motivation and drivers needed to tackle them head on. 

  • Goal Protection

    Set actions in place to reach and protect your goals.

  • Traffic Signals

    Develop your traffic signals and learn release strategies to stay in the game. Learn how to stay in your Green zone.

  • Increased Mental Strength

    Improve your self-image and practice proven strategies ahead of race day for an improved chance of succes.

  • Race Day Target Pace & Crew Checklist

    Identify and set race day mini targets. Develop a race day equipment checklist. Learn how to tie everything together.

  • 1-on-1 Zoom Review

    Have a 1-on-1 Zoom session with me to review your plan once you have completed it and make any changes necessary.

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