Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Do I have to start the program straight away?

What happens if I have a question or issue?

Can I gift a program to someone?

How do the programs work?

All our programs are designed to give you 4 weekly training sessions, 2 LIVE session with me and a daily timetable for activities.

I'm new to trail running and programs

Welcome to trail running. It can be very rewarding no matter what level you're looking to get to. Our programs are designed for all levels of runners. Sessions and programs are based for the intermediate level runner with adaptions for beginners and the advanced runner.


If you're a beginner, take it a little easier in the start of the program until your body is conditioned to the additional training sessions. Any questions, you can always ask on our support desk once you've joined.

How do I cancel my membership?

I'm looking to get an edge for a race/event

I've got more questions

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