Vlad Shatrov - Professional Trail Runner - Running Coach

Learn From My Experience


I've been a competitive Trail Runner and coach for over 15 years. I get the most joy out of seeing my clients achieve great results.


I've been fortunate enough to win several big events, as well as hold multiple race records. It hasn't been easy and there's been a lot of setbacks. I've learnt from these experiences and developed better methods to stay on top of the game.


In these programs I share my knowledge, insights and tips gathered over my years of racing for the first time ever, meaning you get programs and advice that really works.

Structured Programs To Give You An Edge


After years of racing personally and coaching runners, I’ve combined my experience and knowledge to create a series of programs that give you the structure required for you to advance in key areas of trail running.
Key sessions are designed in a sequence to give you the best benefits of technique, strength, technical skills and flow. 
We target key areas of focus to help you improve with Stairs, Technical Trail, Free Flow Running and Downhill with a daily planner for you to really get proactive with your trail running.


    All The Support You’ll Need


    Not only will you be trained like a pro, you’ll be supported like one too! All our programs are very well structured with a guide and timetable to get you started right.


    Access our training hub for instructions for your training sessions and you’ll get to ask any questions each week with our helpdesk or 2x LIVE Sessions with me each week.

    Be Part Of Our Athlete’s Community


    Join in with other runners that are challenging themselves on our Private Facebook Training Group and Strava Club.


    It’s a great place for us to hang out, get to know each other and share our journey. I love seeing your runs, locations, victories and stories. It makes everything worth it.



    I've trained and coached hundreds of runners in person and online with some pretty fantastic results.


    Getting a great program and coaching can be the start of something great for your running. 



    • 2020-02-08 Tarawera Ultramarathon 2020 - 100 Miler New Zealand 162.4km / 5200m+ 15:53:30 1 / 199
    • 2017-03-11 Six Foot Track Marathon 2017 Australia 45km / 1525m+ 03:15:44 1 / 861
    • 2013-05-18 The North Face 100 Australia 2013 - 50 Km Australia 49km / 2100m+ 04:15:21 1 / 418
    • 2018-03-10 Six Foot Track Marathon 2018 Australia 45km / 1525m+ 03:18:08 1 / 871
    • 2017-05-19 Ultra-Trail® Australia 2017 - Pace Uta22 Australia 21.6km / 1100m+ 01:42:31 1 / 1311
    • With other wins and top finishes in COMRADES, MY Olympic Qualifier Marathon in Berlin 2015 and the BRISBANE 110km Ultra Trail 1st place in 2019, plus more.

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