Are you ready to take your Trail Running to the next level?

Supercharge Your Downhill & Technical Trail Running for only $10 per week!


This 4 week Downhill and Technical running program dives in-depth into downhill running and technical terrain. Training for downhill is super important, it’s often where I see runners struggle in a race/event. 


I’ve combined my top insights, tips and tricks from years of competitive racing and coaching to develop a program that won't just supercharge your running, but also help you to be better placed to take on down hills and technical sections or trail. Your Downhill runs will become more efficient and effective leading you to achieve better results with less chances of injury.


Whether you’re an advanced runner looking for an edge or a beginner looking to gain confidence, or somewhere in the middle. Let’s work together so I can help you get the most out of your running. No matter your level and ability, not only will you improve in these two areas, but your overall running will be improved.

What's In The Membership?

  • Two Structured Programs

    Train anytime and almost anywhere. You’ll get access to two programs that include suggested sessions for you to do every day. You will benefit from 4x detailed video training sessions per week in each program, as well as several training PDF's.

  • Live Online Sessions

    Train and be coached twice a week via online group training sessions. One is a training session and the other is an “Athlete’s Check-in”. This is a great chance for us to have a chat, while answering any questions you have.


  • Exclusive Training Groups

    You’ll get access to our members-only Facebook group and Strava Club where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals that aim to support each other on our journey to becoming better runners. 


  • Maximum Support

    We strive to provide you with the non-stop guidance and support throughout this program. We have dedicated helpdesks and our Facebook Group to answer any queries. 


"Join me and together we will work on enabling your running to gift you an amazing result" - Vlad Shatrov

  • Ready to improve in downhill running and technical terrain?

  • Become a more competent, confident and stronger runner in 4 weeks.

  • Learn all of the insights, tips and tricks for downhill trails that I’ve developed over my years of racing and coaching.

  • Full support with private groups for training and coaching.

  • Bonus content, offers and giveaways.

  • Train with Vlad for only $10 per week!

What Runners Are Saying

I've been doing Runlab for the past 4.5 years with Vlad. I really enjoy turning up to the professionally run, well structured sessions.


The programs always structured in a way that all abilities are catered for. 

It's very encouraging and supportive.


I highly recommend getting involved Vlad as a coach. I love it!

Fiona MacKenzie

I started training with Vlad about 4 years ago....


I wanted to be trained by the best. After dealing with a few injuries over the last few years. Last year I finally achieved my goal and also had some amazing experiences... Including running the UTA 100 and New York Marathon under my target time.


I wouldn't have achieved any of this without the guidance and support from Vlad. He genuinely cares about his athletes and i think that's what makes him a truly great coach.

Brett Bancroft

One of the first things I was inspired by was that Vlad was a real person. He had real results that was just so motivating.


The big difference for me was that it was about building a strong body and strength in running. I wanted to remain injury free and that is important for me at my age.


You might just surprise yourself and achieve your impossible.

Linda Minter

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